Women Cardigan You Will Want To Try35
Women Cardigan You Will Want To Try35

46 Women Cardigan You Will Want To Try

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Whenever you go out shopping for that lovely womens cardigan for your beloved, you are bound to get spoilt for choice, thanks to the great variety of stuff on offer. You have tunics, pullovers and other knitwear clothing gracing the shopping windows of most department stores and malls and each one seems to be better than the other.

However, the silver lining is that you know you can make use of these items depending on the purpose and occasion and whatever you pick up will definitely not be a waste or end up getting redundant. Womens cardigan is surely an item you can zero in on if you are still unsure about what to buy. It will be a wonderful addition to the wardrobe and you can rest assured it will be very well received by your beloved.

So what is special about these cardigans and let us also understand other aspects about them.

Basically, a cardigan is a type of sweater that opens at the front through a zip or buttons. There are others that are secured around the body with the help of a belt and though the common ones are long sleeved, you can find many sleeveless and short sleeved varieties as well. All of them have been well received by consumers and manufacturers have been regularly innovating with different styles and patterns over the years.

Now cardigans are normally knitted either by hand or machine and the common materials used are cotton, silk, acrylic, a blend of different fibres and yes, the most important of them all – cashmere. Indeed cashmere mens and womens cardigans are the most sought after for reasons that are well known about this wonderful material.

The history of the cardigan type of sweater and how it got this name can be traced back to the fag end of the nineteenth century. The Earl of Cardigan, Major General James Thomas Brudenell can be credited with introducing these fur-trimmed cosy sweaters during his famous assault on the Russian army. You will recollect that this act of cavalry inspired Tennyson to pen the famous “Charge of the Light Brigade”. The cardigan thus named became so popular that by the start of the twentieth century, these were increasingly preferred by even college students.

As acceptability improved, you could get your mens, children and womens cardigans in various styles. You had the embroidered cardigan as well as the collared ones. The hooded cardigans exuded and provided a lot of warmth and comfort during winter and they were also rakishly casual in appearance. Beaded womens cardigans became a style statement and you had many who wore cardigans over a matching top to get the sweater set elegance in their looks.

The promotion of cardigans got a further boost with many celebrities flaunting them on TV shows. Jimmy Carter, the former US President was famous for his cardigans and other prominent personalities like Doris Day as well as Jacqueline Kennedy too were often seen sporting the womens cardigan during their times.


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