Lovely High Wasted Jeans To Wear29
Lovely High Wasted Jeans To Wear29

20+ Lovely High Wasted Jeans To Wear

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Lately, the preferred style for womens jeans has become medium rise or low rise cuts. Most woman walking around nowadays are wearing them. It is very rare to see anyone shopping for high waist jeans.

There are two stores that have ads for high waisted jeans. One is Kohl’s. They sell the Lee brand of this type. There are four regular sized pockets, two in front, two in the back, and one small sized pocket also in the front.

They are the relaxed style, as well as a boot cut version. The other brand that they sell is Gloria Vanderbilt. These also come with the same pocket design, and a petite version is also available. However, the difference in the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans is the narrow fit in the leg.

The other store that’s most notably carrying high waist jeans is Macy’s. They also carry the same styles as Kohl’s, but are priced higher. High waist jeans then still can be found. Also, there are smaller, locally owned shops and boutiques that carry this variety along with the popular low rise style.

Both the narrow leg and the relaxed, boot cut versions can be found either in stretch or non-stretch. Stretch jeans are becoming more popular because of the ease of mobility. All of the different styles come in the light to dark color denim, and also the very popular white or beige colors. The other colors of high rise jeans sometimes seen on the shelf are red or purple.

When wearing low rise jeans, it seems imperative to wear longer tops and sweaters. Women bending down in these do need to be careful because they tend to go too low in the back.

The high waisted style is easier for moving and bending. Also, high waist jeans are more attractive on different shapes. They can also be worn with shorter tops and sweaters that can expand the choices of style.

The sizes for the high rise jeans range from Misses size 2 to 24. It is very hard to find this style in the Junior sizes. Teens and twenty somethings tend to prefer low rise jeans overall, although this style is making a resurgence in the fashion magazines and on the runway.

It has been several years since the high rise jeans were popular and more common. Fashion tends to repeat itself over time. Now that these jeans are starting to appear again in some stores, the popularity of this unique fashion trend will continue to grow.


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