Best Catchiest Fringe Scarf Trends Women18
Best Catchiest Fringe Scarf Trends Women18

30+ Best Catchiest Fringe Scarf Trends Women

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How to tie silk scarves. Since the scarf trend started in the mid-1990’s, the fascination with this accessory only grew with silk scarves being one of the most favorite type of scarves worn by fashionable women and men alike. It’s no wonder since the softness and beauty of silk is truly luxurious.

Still, having a silk scarf is not enough. You would need to know how to wear it and tie it properly to make your whole outfit work.

Although simply draping it over your shoulders and letting it fall in front of you can already do wonders to a simple dress or suit, there are several ways to tie a scarf that will add more to your style without being so complicated to do.

Here’s one popular style that can you try with square silk scarves to make them look neat and stylish: First, wrap your neck with the scarf once and create a loose knot with one end. While keeping this knot open with one hand, wrap the scarf again on your neck.

Take the open end of the scarf and carefully pull all the way through the knot. Both ends of the scarf should be equal in length so make adjustments to the scarf accordingly. When the ends are even, tighten the knot.

Here’s an even simpler way tie a silk scarf to liven up any casual attire: Take the scarf in the middle, making sure both ends are of the same length.

Hold the scarf in such a way that you have a loop on one side while both ends are loose. Then, take the ends and pass them through the loop to create a knot. To tighten the knot, pull the ends carefully downwards to your front or the side of your neck.

For certain, there are more trendy ways to tie a silk scarf but aside from knowing how to tie one, learning how to choose a scarf that will match your outfit is also essential.

If you are just starting your scarf collection, you probably already have scarves in neutral and solid colors since these go well with practically anything in your closet.

If you’d like to add variety to your look, start buying multicolored, printed or illustrated silk scarves or those with accents like sequins or beaded fringes.

Take note that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy beautiful, good quality scarves. There are many reputable but affordable sellers offering scarves priced somewhere from $20 to $50.

When you’re shopping for scarves, keep in mind that they should complement your wardrobe and overall style as well as reflect your personality.


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