Best Hairstyles Women Preferable Sexy Eyes Men20
Best Hairstyles Women Preferable Sexy Eyes Men20

30+ Best Hairstyles Women Preferable Sexy Eyes Men

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Whether we adore it or loathe it, our hair is probably the most fussed-over part of our physical appearance. We all know at times your hairstyle can scream glamor or sexy and be a total dude magnet. Conversely it can also convey the wrong message and make a man very uncomfortable. For the purposes of dating, what hairstyles will get the response you want?

The Pantene hair care company recently published a study asking men if a woman’s hair is important when evaluating her appearance, and the results were an overwhelming 87% of men stating that it is. In a private poll conducted on a very popular social-networking site, the men were overwhelmingly in favor of long hair. There were some individual preferences of curly or straight, while most leaned toward wavy, but they all agreed that length is definitely a turn on.

When asked if a ponytail makes a woman look messy, they responded with it makes them look cute, sporty, and fun, but not all women look good with one, and surprisingly, most expressed that they really like a ponytail under a ball cap, as it gives the woman a certain heir of playfulness.

The ultimate sexy hairstyle was hands-down, long, with big curls, one man saying that this style gives off an aura of classy elegance, and a teenage boy stating, “Long hair and big curls=very hot!” When asked why, the response was always the same; it makes them think “bedroom thoughts”. All short styles were disliked with only one exception, saying that he preferred short full styles.

So, the overall consensus seems to be that sexy, playful, styles attract men, and the really short hairstyles send them running for the hills. Several men stated that the shortest styles just aren’t feminine enough to appeal to them. Comments under the MSN Life & Style article, as well as those of the men that responded to the private poll, expressed that some hairstyles are confusing because while they may look fabulous on one woman, they may look simply atrocious on another.

Several very insightful men shared the thought that hairstyles can be an overall expression of a woman’s personality, and can therefore provide a glimpse of the underlying “package”, so-to-speak, which is helpful in deciding if further “unwrapping” is desired.

So ladies, looks like all that we invest in our hair does not go unnoticed by men and it can be the beautiful attribute or the turn-off that we perceive it to be. So continue to fuss, muss, struggle, express through, pamper, love, or hate your locks, men are taking notice! Our vanity is not in vain!


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