Stylish Vintage Woman Outfit04
Stylish Vintage Woman Outfit04

20+ Stylish Vintage Woman Outfit

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The vintage style is a trend that has been increasingly visible on catwalks and high streets in the recent years. One particular item of clothing that fits into this category is the vintage dress.

Vintage dresses are a cost effective way of revamping your wardrobe whilst keeping bang on trend and ensuring environmental sustainability. These dresses are seconds, and so the general wear of the piece adds to the authenticity. The designs also reflect the era in which they were created for, for example the peter pan collared dress was fashioned in the mid 20th century and has continued to be a key piece in women’s clothing.

The demand has flourished in recent years due to celebrity icons such as Dita Von Teese and Chloe Sevigny, who were pictured wearing these second-hand treasures. Not only are vintage dresses a great way to add a classic piece to your collection, they are extremely versatile due to the way in which women’s fashion has evolved over the years. For example, a 1920s bridal slip may now be worn as a day dress, layered with an oversized cardigan, leather jacket and Chelsea boots to make a perfect casual outfit. Alexa Chung is another woman who prides herself in sourcing many vintage pieces to create her iconic fashion image.

Vintage dresses require little effort when creating outfits as they can be paired with skinny belts to frame the silhouette. It if often difficult to find a well fitting vintage dress as many items are size labelled differently to clothes today, however an oversized dress is often flattering when cinched in at the waist. It is also the perfect piece for those who prefer a looser, more casual fit, although of course, a pair of heels would instantly increase the formality of the outfit.

Another great thing about these dresses is that there is such a great variety available: tea length, midi, cocktail, tiered – the list goes on! These dresses are such unique pieces that have survived years of trend alterations, and are items that will continue to be fashionable. One off vintage dresses are the perfect way to express your personality as there are many styles from different eras to choose from. Decadent 1940s cocktail dresses may now be more suitable for a party or prom, and pleated 1930s midi dresses may make an ideal everyday outfit.

There are such a great variety of vintage dresses that you will be sure to find a style that suits you. Regarding this trend, I believe it is essential to accessorize appropriately, perhaps picking up on key details such as embroidery or beading, and accentuating this with the correct handbag or jacket. As we once again head toward the cooler months, it is very on trend to layer cardigans and sweaters over vintage dresses to create the perfect casual outfit. Alternatively a delicate shrug and Lita-esque boots will bring together a fresh new take on the formal vintage dress. This trend really does have something to suit everyone!


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