Japanese Hairstyles For Woman34
Japanese Hairstyles For Woman34

20+ Japanese Hairstyles for Woman

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Japanese hairstyles are in fashion in the US and Western Europe and with good reason. The hair style of today is really bringing out the beauty of the face with those sweet curls around it.

An important aspect of the Japanese hairstyles is that they all have fringes. Unlike many hair styles in the US where the hair length is the same with long fringes that are not really fringes any longer, the Japanese type has bangs ranges in various sizes. Even if the hair is very short, bob style, or is medium length or even long, the fringe is there to cover the forehead parted by side.

This gives the face an interesting rounded effect that brings the eyes to attention that is so characteristic to the Oriental faces. And applied this to Western styles makes for a much more feminine hairstyle that we are used to. Luckily feminine seems once again to be in style, so younger women are adopting Japanese side fringes quite easily. Cute is really the keyword here.

Many people keep saying how the Oriental girls have those huge gorgeous eyes, however the trick is really knowing how to bring them to be the focus of the entire face with the careful hair style and bangs. Another aspect of Japanese hairstyles is the fact that the hair is rather straight, maybe wavy but never curly.

And here are a few Japanese hairstyles described briefly by hair length.

Bob style – This style seems to be always in fashion in one way or another in many countries, and Japan is following suit as well. The bob is relatively short with the hair layered asymmetrically around the face. The fringe is asymmetrical as well, combed to side.

Medium casual – Shoulder length hair flowing downwards in waves with long bangs curling around the face brings out the spark in the eyes. The light perm makes the hair look slightly chaotic yet completely sweet and innocent.

Long artistic – Fresh and cute comes to mind. The hair is lightly permed for that extra randomness. Often mixed sized perm rollers are used to give an even more random, dynamic effect to the overall impression of the hair that gives the face an airy and fresh expression.

If you like to get ideas for various Japanese hair styles for your face, the best places to find them are in the Japanese anime that are so loved all over the world. Even though they are in cartoon format, you can easily understand the many different hairstyles that are depicted there and draw a couple of styles to try out for yourself.


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