Popular Womens Jacket Models40
Popular Womens Jacket Models40

20+ Popular Womens Jacket Models

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Ladies jackets are available in dozens upon dozens of styles and colors. In fact there are so many options for women’s coats that it can be downright difficult to pick just one. A great way to start is to pick a basic style and narrow it down from there. Figuring out the differences between bombers, leather jackets and fleece pull overs will help you pick what type of ladies jackets are for you.

Fleece Women’s Styles
Ladies fleece jackets are a simple and affordable item that every woman should have in their wardrobe. With such a wide variety of colors and styles of fleece jackets on the market, it’s perfectly reasonable to pick up more than one style or color to fit different situations. Fleece is a soft and gentle material that provides warmth and comfort without the itch that other materials can cause. It’s also generally considered to be machine washable and can even be put in a tumble dryer on low. To keep your ladies fleece jackets in the best shape, wash and dry them while inside out to keep the material from piling or forming little fuzz balls.

Women’s Bombers
Bomber jackets are a great way to stay in style while keeping warm and toasty so the women’s bomber jacket market is full of sexy and chic options that are usually made of leather, fake leather or occasionally cloth materials. Most authentically styled bomber jackets will be shorter than fleece jackets and other coats since they are modeled after classic military bomber jackets. Traditionally they will have cuffed sleeves and bottoms that sit high on your waist. Most women’s bombers will feature removable hoods with fake or real fur linings as well.

Leather and denim for Ladies
Women’s denim jacket and leather styles are also classic options that are still popular in modern times. Since leather and denim are usually thin materials, jackets that use them are usually lined with wool, fur or other insulating materials to provide extra warmth and protection from the elements. Both styles are available in short designs that sit around the waistline like bomber jackets do or longer styles that provide more coverage and overlap with your pants.

The big difference between ladies leather jacket styles and denim options is how they close. Most denim jackets will button up, although some will zip while most leather options will zip up.

With a little bit of background information on the different types of women’s jackets on the market you will find that picking one or two to fit your wardrobe is much easier. Once you decide which styles are best for you think about your price range and what colors would be best suited to your needs.

While fleece will offer the most color variety, denim and leather can be found in a variety of colors as well. It doesn’t matter if you want a pink striped fleece jacket or a brown and green bomber, with a bit of looking you can find any type of ladies jackets with ease.


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