Types Of Woman Shoes For You01
Types Of Woman Shoes For You01

20+ Types Of Woman Shoes for You

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Fashionable shoes are easy to take care of and are one of the most accessible investments for a modern woman. When taken care of properly, they will last for years and will provide enjoyment for all of those years. Finding shoes that are really fun and unique is the key to maximizing your shoe wardrobe.

Evening Shoe Tips

When wearing a floor length dress, women will write off the shoes. They think that any old shoes, standard black pumps, or basic dressy sandals will work just fine. This is a grave mistake. Wearing a fashion forward shoe will give you confidence and will be more visible than you think.

-Angled straps or sling back shoes will be more slimming than a more solid shoe.

-A low heel will elongate trousers or suit pants, making your legs look longer than flats.

-If you are looking for a classic shoe, you can mix things up with a gold or silver shoe instead of the standard black.

Sandals Tips

Sandals are a great summer shoe which you can find in almost any style and color. A few pairs of sandals will completely refashion your summer wardrobe. It is a way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. A great way to update a boring but comfortable summer outfit is with a fashionable pair of new sandals.

-A neutral can be made fashion forward by having it in a fun texture. Braided twine or snakeskin are hot this season for sandals.

-Colorful sandals can go well with any outfit, even one made of drab colors.

Fashionable Shoes Tips

Gladiator shoes are hot this season and are airy for the summer. Along with wedges and other fun shoes, they can really add a new element to your wardrobe.

-Ballet flats can be paired with mini skirts to make the leg look longer.

-If you are self conscious about your ankles, wedges automatically slim down your ankles.

-Gladiator shoes give a funky style, a look of a free spirit.

Whether you are wearing a sandal or a stiletto, the key to having shoes that you love is comfort. If shoes aren’t comfortable and cut into your feet, you won’t wear them and they won’t make you feel sexy. The greatest factor in uncomfortable shoes is shoe size. Your feet will change in size over the years. You may need to try on the next size up when shopping if you have been finding a lot of your shoes have been cutting into your feet.


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