Fashion Items For Women Who Have Wide Shoulders37
Fashion Items For Women Who Have Wide Shoulders37

30+ Fashion Items For Women Who Have Wide Shoulders

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Many fashion ladies fall into distress when picking up suitable prom dresses, especially short evening dresses, since they have broader shoulders. Actually, as long as they can pay attention to the vital area of evening dresses, they can also be gorgeous, that is the neckline. Also there are other points that women who have broad shoulders should notice.

The shape of the neckline will directly influence the visual impression of shoulder. The plunge V neckline is the best choice for such kind of girls. Deep V-neckline can extend the line of neck, which may create the illusion of narrower shoulder.

Scoop style can also “narrow” your shoulder. Similar to V-neckline, this kind of neckline show wide area around your neck, making it appear longer. You can consider silk evening dresses of this style, which are smooth to the touch and have more pleasant hand and drape, and superior comfort.

Ladies with broader shoulders should keep in mind that only wide neckline can conceal the broad shoulders. If you choose high neckline, your neck may appear shorter, thus your shoulder may look even more stronger.

Dark colors have better effect than light ones for women of this kind of figure. Of course black prom dresses are not the only choices. Other colors such as purple prom dresses and blue prom dresses are also good choices. You can select scarves of light colors to go with your dress, which can not only balance your color, but also hide your shoulder.

Additional special design can also catch the people’s attention and make them ignore your upper torso. In a word, just try choose prom dresses that can distract the eyesight of others and create an illusion of narrower shoulders.


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