Simple Sandals Outfit25
Simple Sandals Outfit25

20+ Simple Sandals Outfit

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When summer rolls around, most people love to live in sandals. If you’re one of those people, but find the same old sandal styles boring you to tears, it might be time for a pair of Oriental sandals. Sandals with an Asian flare will spice up any outfit in your closet.

Best of all, you’ll be the only one with these unique styles in your neighborhood. Read on to find out what your options are and where to find the perfect pair.

Your first option in Oriental sandals are zori sandals. Zori sandals are a simple, flat Japanese sandal. They are usually made of wood, straw, leather, or vinyl with a velvet or fabric strap. These are great with any pair of jeans or casual skirt.

The all-natural materials and simple style are what make them unique in the world of sandals. Best of all, these sandals are comfortable for walking around the city all day.

Your second option in Oriental sandals are Japanese geta sandals. These are the shoes you typically see on traditional Japanese geishas. They are usually made of wood and have two platform blocks on the bottom. These sandals are great for a more formal outfit.

Pair them with sexy jeans for a look that is straight off the streets of Tokyo. Or get a pair in black leather and wear them with a fancy dress to put your spin on this classic outfit.

Oriental sandals are widely available today. If you want something cheap and don’t care where they come from, you might consider purchasing a pair of knock-off Asian sandals at a department store.

If you want the real thing, however, you should turn to the internet. You can find Japanese sandal manufactures online and purchase an authentic pair of Oriental footwear straight from Asia.


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