Adorable Short Nail Design Ideas For Summer To Try09
Adorable Short Nail Design Ideas For Summer To Try09

30+ Adorable Short Nail Design Ideas For Summer To Try

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We’re inundated with choices in practically every aspect of our lives. There are some women who are more confident sporting short nails with a hint of nail color or none at all, while there are others who like to have their nails long and painted in the hottest color of the season.

To make all things available to all kinds of women, today we have a range of nail manicures to choose from. Before stepping into a salon, it’s always better to know which of the various nail manicures is your preference, but if you can’t decide, no worries. The nail stylist at the salon will help you decide on the best of the nail manicures for your nail type.

Types of nail manicures: There are several kinds of manicures, so you can take your pick, or just alternate every now and then.

Standard nail manicure: This is what is popularly done by most women at home and at salons. It is done in this way: Cut your fingernails short, smooth the rough edges of your nails and shape them using an emery board. If your fingernails have a bit of nail polish left over, wipe it away with a small ball of cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover. Buff your ridged or uneven fingernails now.

Take a small plastic bowl and fill it with warm water till about half its height. Pour a drop or two of scented oil into it and an additive like aloe vera to soften your nails. Soak your hands into it, taking care to see that the water level does not go further than your wrists. After soaking them in water for a few minutes, remove your hands from the bowl and pat dry with a soft towel.

Next, use a cuticle softener to soften your cuticles and follow this up with a cuticle stick to push the cuticles back from each fingernail. At this stage, your manicure is over and you may want to paint your fingernails. Give your nails two coats of Paint your nails If you do, choose the color you desire and paint your nails, giving yourself two coats per nail. This done, don’t your fingernails look neat and good?

French tip manicure: Here, the manicurist files your nails and paints the tips white to give the impression of them being longer than they really are and they look healthy too. This looks very good on short fingernails. The nails are shaped either round, oval or square.

Natural nail manicure: Here, the emphasis is on giving the nails a clean and natural look. The manicurist tries to strengthen the nails and skin naturally, without using any branded cosmetics.

Hot oil manicure: This is ideal for those who want to condition their nails. Hot oil is put on the cuticles to soften them. This gives a better shape to the nails when they are filed and sculpted.

Now that you are acquainted with the different kinds of nail manicures, choose your own type so that when you extend your hand in a handshake, you create the best first impression.


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