Celebrity Hairstyles With Bangs To Inspire Your Own Look01
Celebrity Hairstyles With Bangs To Inspire Your Own Look01

20+ Celebrity Hairstyles With Bangs To Inspire Your Own Look

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Perhaps the most hotly debated and discussed aspect of celebrity hairstyles are the bangs. Hairstyle in general is discussed at great lengths, what celebrity has what style, what friend got a haircut (either good or bad) over the weekend…and who has the face for bangs. Bangs are one popular hairstyle that always seems to be coming in and going out of style.

So, what kind of face looks good with bangs? In general, it is thought that bangs are the best choice for a wide forehead or a cowlick that is unruly. However, anyone can wear bangs and look fantastic, that is what is so great about these celebrity hairstyles.

Many celebrity hairstyles are experimenting with bangs at some time or other. While some of these celebrities choose to keep their bangs on a permanent basis, most tend to rotate their length of bangs

Some people prefer a short blunt bang, but not everyone can pull this particular style off. This style has a 1920’s pinup look that is fabulous on the right woman. If you are looking for this particular style, a good starting point is to talk to your stylist about a cut like the one Betty Paige had. Betty Paige was the epitome of pin up style. These particular celebrity hairstyles go best if the whole look goes together. This includes make up and clothing along with the hair.

Amanda Peet and Anna Faris are great examples of a hairstyle that is sporting a longer bang. This type of style is great for accentuating beautiful eyes as it automatically pulls the eye down. The bangs are left long, being cut at the brow line. While this look is fantastic, it is can also be hard to incorporate into the hair when the hair is put into a ponytail or a bun. Often times, the best way to pull long bangs back is with a barrette.

A longer, sweeping bang is another alternative if bangs are desired, but you don’t want them to be too short or obvious. Sienna Miller, Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore are all excellent examples of this particular hairstyle. One nice aspect of the longer bang is that they can be incorporated into updos and other special hairstyles.

Before taking the plunge and adding bangs into your hairstyle, it is best to get the advice of someone with experience, such as a hairdresser or hair stylist. Another idea is to start with long bangs, see if you like them and then gradually go shorter and onto another style. The best thing about bangs is that they tend to grow quickly so if a short bang doesn’t suit you, there is nothing to worry about, as they will grow out soon enough.

The next time that you want to copy celebrity hairstyles, consider going with bangs.


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