Party Gamis Models For Fat Women In31
Party Gamis Models For Fat Women In31

30+ Party Gamis Models For Fat Women In

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Devout Muslims are required to dress modestly at all times irrespective of which part of the world they live in. If you are a Muslim woman who wants to look stylish, you will face a unique problem since you have to ensure that your apparel is demure whilst still being able to express your personality. Contrary to popular opinion, you can certainly express your fashion sense without exposing a lot of skin.

There are differing opinions when it comes to what constitutes Muslim dress and it is possible to see women with different degrees of cover up. The following tips will enable you to stay true to the tenets of your faith:

1. If you choose to wear Hijab then you could choose one that has a unique look. Buy one that has interesting embellishments such as lace or tassels. You could also pin it up with an attractive brooch. Keep a large collection of headscarves handy so that you always have one to match your outfits. Be sure to use scarves that match and complement your outfit instead of using ones that clash horribly.

2. An attractive looking body-hugging top can be made to look more modest by layering it with a looser blouse, preferably in a thin material. Similarly, revealing or sleeveless blouses and dresses can be teamed up with cardigans, shrugs or boleros.

3. Skinny jeans can be made to look a loss less provocative by teaming them with a loose and flowing top that covers the hips and bum.

4. If are not confident about wearing skinny jeans and don’t want to wear dumpy looking baggy jeans then harem pants or palazzo pants are a very good option for you.

5. Long dresses do not have to be shapeless. Buy well-tailored ones in which the waist area is defined (slightly and not too tight). A long dress or skirt will also look great if it has tiered ruffles.

6. A pair of short or slit skirts with thick and opaque leggings, so that you do not show any skin.

7. Avoid wearing highly colored or glittery clothes since this defeats the very purpose of dressing modestly. However, you can add an element of interest to your outfit with a small amount of glitter, lace or embroidery.

Your makeup should also match your outfits in that it is not very bright. Wear light colors and minimal makeup so that you look as natural as possible without looking like you are trying to attract a lot of attention.


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