Trending Short Outfits Ideas To Copy This Fall27
Trending Short Outfits Ideas To Copy This Fall27

30+ Trending Short Outfits Ideas To Copy This Fall

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If you are the type of person who just cannot let go of your bright and fun summer staples, then this article is for you. Just like many of you, I’m such a summer lover that I cannot simply let go of my floral prints, colorful jeans and easy breezy shorts.

A great way to transition your summer staples is to pair it with pieces that can definitely help it become more appropriate for autumn.

1. Layer Your Sweaters

If you’re not prepared to say goodbye to your breezy sweaters, layering them can help keep them fall appropriate. The key to layering sweaters is to start with light material. Try layering your sheer, light sweaters with a tough looking leather jacket. Cuff them up to the length you feel most comfortable in and there you have it – a summer staple transitioned into fall!

2. Toughen Up Florals

I’m such a big fan of floral prints, and I’ve basically sent my wardrobe in full bloom during the summer. Such is my love for floral prints that I just can’t let them go. In order to transition them into fall, all you need to do is to look at the colors on the floral prints. In the summer, pair your floral piece with lighter colors. During the fall season, pair them with darker colors. Toughen up bottoms with black tights and boots. With the right accessories, your summer florals can make you look oh-so-chic.

3. Warm Up Short Shorts

Short shorts are definitely a summer staple. However, with the entrance of the cooler season, wearing your favorite pair is just not appropriate. However, you can still wear them by putting on some tights and cozy boots. Finally, in order to complete the whole outfit, add on a sweater that is longer than the length of your shorts and you are all set.

4. Rock Your Maxis

Another summer favorite, is of course, the maxi skirt. A great way to warm up your skirt is to pair it with a light and cozy sweater. Layer it with a tough jacket and cinch the waist with a belt. Ankle boots and earth tone accessories will definitely pull the look together.

5. Tone Down Your Brights

Who says you can’t wear your brights during the cooler season? You can tone down your summer brights by pairing them with darker pieces such as a brown or black long sleeved shirt or a neutral colored blazer.

Who says that you have to place all of your summer clothes in the back of your closet? With the right accessories and pieces, these ways to transition your summer staples into fall can definitely serve as your guide to welcome the cooler season with a smile!


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