Incredible Black Tie Events For Class Men13
Incredible Black Tie Events For Class Men13

30+ Incredible Black Tie Events For Class Men

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Any man who wears a suit knows that neckties and bow ties are necessary accessories to complete an outfit or wardrobe. These are basic necessities and men simply can’t live without it. They may be going to parties, escorting their girlfriend, dining out or meeting someone in a business meeting, but if they want to be presentable, they need to wear either one.

Before men became metrosexuals and cared about how they look, the most common color for neckties back then were black. With the passage of time, black has become the new white and almost every man should have at least one plain black tie in his or her closet.

Men who have risen in the higher ranks or position in the society are often the ones who attend formal events, and thus wear formal attires. Their formal attire is usually finished off by a sleek black tie which are often in silk fabrics are admired because of its high quality and extreme elegance.

It cannot be denied that silk is a very expensive garment and this material makes black ties more renowned to the elite and upper class individuals (who are also the major attendees of formal parties and prestigious nights and ceremonies).

The above-mentioned concepts have made the black necktie rise up into popularity among the elites and, thus have become more favoured for formal events. Even men in higher positions within a company-CEO, president, stockholder, etc)-are well-known to wear black colored ties. Bearing all these facts in mind, it is very rare therefore for men to wear black neckties in casual events and parties because of its formality and superiority aura.

The 80s decade saw the introduction of slim black ties in the fashion runway. During this decade, most men wore slimmer black neckties because its versatility allowed it to be worn on both formal and semi-formal events. The material has also tried to change.

Black ties during these times are available in satin although the silk black tie is still very popular. With the passage of time, slimmer ties became wider-again-but they became less formal but they are still being used as fashion statements. Black ties were popularized by many well-known designers who have become fashion icons of our modern times.

Just like its tie counterpart, black bow ties are also very common in the world of fashion. When you go around the city, you will notice that black bow ties are being worn in different settings-by the waiter’s in a restaurant to boy’s school uniform. Some girls also wear them to school as part of their uniform and they look just as well.

To make black neckties more stunning, various designers have created black ties with different patterns. There are black colored ties with stripe patterns which are perfect for white shirts when you are attending black tie events. The rule of thumb here is that the more pattern you have on your tie, the less it becomes more appropriate for formal or black tie events.


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