Simple Cozy Outfits Ideas12
Simple Cozy Outfits Ideas12

30+ Simple Cozy Outfits Ideas

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After having been bundled up in layers and layers of thick woolies throughout the chill winter months, there is nothing better than preparing for the wonderful warmth of the summer days ahead, and of course those balmy summer evenings. The thrill of finally being able to rediscover our figures and bare a bit of skin after feeling bulky and shapeless for months on end is one that never seems to fade as the years go by. Not only does it feel totally liberating, but it brings out the femininity that has felt temporarily lost and buried.

One of the really great pleasures of shopping for summer clothes for many women is picking out fabulous strappy summer dresses and tops, as well as the ones without straps of course. Whether for day or evening wear, these incredibly feminine garments which show off beautifully bronzed shoulders truly make a girl feel gorgeous and sexy. Even when the air grows cooler, they can still be teamed up with a sumptuous pashmina or cashmere scarf or shawl to keep you cozy and warm and still looking stunning.

Of course, when you have already been waiting for months to be able to wear your favorite summer clothes, the last thing you want to do when it clouds over or when the evening grows cooler is to have to hide your fabulous frock away under a cardigan or jacket. With a pashmina or cashmere scarf though, you can drape it around or across your shoulders, or even across your arms and still benefit from its warmth at the same time as keeping a bit of bare skin on show.

For those ladies who like the coolness and comfort of summer clothes but prefer not to have their shoulders or upper arms on display, pashminas and cashmere scarves and shawls provide the perfect solution. Again, they can be worn and draped in such a way that you can hide the bits you don’t want on show and leave the rest uncovered.

Finding a gorgeous pashmina or cashmere scarf or shawl to match your summer outfits couldn’t be easier. With so many beautiful plain and patterned accessories on offer and such a stunning range of colors to choose from, selecting a scarf or shawl which matches or coordinates perfectly with your outfit is a piece of cake.

Just remember though, that if your dress or outfit is patterned, you should go for a plain accessory, otherwise the finished effect will look too fussy or messy. If the rest of your outfit is plain, on the other hand, why not inject a bit of interest with a patterned pashmina or cashmere scarf or shawl? If you are not keen on anything too heavily designed, there are many wonderful examples with subtle patterns which show off the sumptuous 100% pure fabric at its finest.

So ladies, with the countdown to summer already underway, why not get online and start choosing your exquisite pashmina and cashmere scarves and shawls so that you’re all ready to make the most of the sunshine?


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