Elegant Outfits Ideas For Summer13
Elegant Outfits Ideas For Summer13

30+ Elegant Outfits Ideas for Summer

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Have you ever wanted to look a little more like Jackie O? A bit more refined, polished and sophisticated? It is easy to tweak your image with a few subtle changes to your wardrobe! Here are 7 tips that will give you that more elegant look this summer!

1. Wear solids instead of patterns in your clothing. Solids are more formal and sophisticated and more formal than items with prints on them.

2. With suiting, wear high contrast colors between your suit and your shirt. (Charcoal or navy suit with a white blouse). Make sure your suit is well fitted.

3. Wear your hair in up instead of down. This is a very elegant hairstyle, bringing the focus to your face, and making you look taller and more sophisticated.

4. Minimize jewelry and accessories. Think simple and understated. Pearls are always very elegant. Smaller delicate jewelry is more sophisticated than larger, chunky jewelry. Stay away from trendy jewelry and items that bring attention away from your outfit.

5. Simple, classic shoes are best. There is something about the classic pump that is sexy, refined and elegant. For the summer, a peep toe or a strappy sandal is a great alternative. Stay away from trendy, clunky shoes.

6. Make sure your clothing has smooth lines, and fits you perfectly. Small alterations to your clothing can make a huge difference in your “look”. Even a half an inch on the length or a tuck at the waist can make your outfit look custom made.

7. Accessories and make-up should be tasteful and understated. Toting a huge polka dot bag with your stunning outfit will take away from the elegance of it, as will bright blue eye shadow or bright red lipstick. Keep it simple!

Colors also make a difference. Darker colors are more powerful and sophisticated than lighter colors. If you want to appear more approachable, than stick with the beige or lighter colors. If you want to appear more “in charge” and “powerful”, than stick with darker shades.

Lastly, make sure your nails are impeccably manicured. Polish color should be very light or clear. You don’t want to bring attention to your nails. Reds and vibrant pinks will pull away from that elegant look. The same applies for your toes!

It’s easy to get that “elegant look”. Think simple, refined, understated and great fit. Subtle changes can make all the difference in the world!


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