Amazing Outfits Ideas With Shorts17
Amazing Outfits Ideas With Shorts17

30+ Amazing Outfits Ideas With Shorts

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Now that the warm weather is here, it is only appropriate that we discuss summer attire. This is my favorite season for digging through my closet and putting together creative and colorful outfits; however, it is fair to say that dressing for the warm weather can also be somewhat challenging. Knowing what shorts are appropriate for public wear, hiding our problematic thighs, and still keeping our honey’s attention is certainly is not an easy task. And then we could talk about what dress is going to hide our little tummy but still make us look “bootilicious”?

Saturday night, as I strolled down 17th Avenue with my handsome man, I realized that too many women in this city are throwing away fabulous opportunities to seize the moment and dress summer sexy. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that there was a funeral in Melrose because everyone seems to be dressed in black. Pack your black away for the summer and have fun with color! White should be your go-to neutral for the summer. Run off to The Bay and invest in a fantastic pair of white pants and a cardi. You will be amazed how such small alterations can make such drastic changes to your look.

Shorts tend to run boarder-line frustrating to “let`s not go there” – which is exactly why I am going to take a few minutes to “go there”. When wearing shorts, we need to be wary of the touchy subject known as a woman`s thighs. If not done properly, you can actually run the risk of making yourself look shorter in shorts. Now don’t take me wrong, I love my legs. They have always been one of my favorite assets but I suffer from a phobia known as “thigh syndrome” and, consequently, I struggled with wearing shorts until I invested in my “mid-thigh” shorts.

When shopping for the ideal pair of shorts, a “mid-thigh” short is your best bet because you are getting adequate thigh coverage while still providing the sex appeal of showing off your legs – love-love! For you ladies who feel that mid-thigh is not enough coverage, invest in a great “city-short”, aka “walking-short”. This is a short that comes to the top of your knee or falls directly to your knee.

Still, be careful with these shorts because you run the risk of something I like to call “body-chopping” – cutting yourself in an awkward place and making yourself look shorter than you are. Unless you tower over your partner, I suggest that you avoid this look. Remember, clothing is a tool and you can use a heel to create the illusion of a balanced body! The wider the leg of the short, the higher the heel you need to wear. The narrower the shorts’ leg, the lower the heel. Make sense? The heel is a must! It will prevent you from looking frumpy.

For the summer, I highly recommend a fabulous wedge. This should be your “go to” heel for casual looks. You are getting the height you desire in a shoe that allows you to spend hours and hours in it without feeling an ache. Hmm, what genius created this shoe? It must have been a woman.

Who wears short shorts? Not I! There is just not enough coverage and, unless you are a 20-30 something year old lady with super fabulously toned legs, I suggest that you avoid these shorts. Bermuda shorts fall just below your knee cap and tend to be referred to as a dressier short. These are “fan-tabulous” on curvy women because they are forgiving; however, you ladies with sexy curves are not the only ones who should be wearing these shorts. They are a great short for all the ladies – but make sure you are wearing a pair of heels when leaving the house. You don`t want to run the risk of body chopping!

And so, my tip for you this week is to trade your blacks, browns, denims and charcoal basics in for white and see what a fresh difference it makes to your look.


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