Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas That Every Women Want05
Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas That Every Women Want05

30+ Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas That Every Women Want

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Every wedding has three constants. The bride should be more beautiful than anyone else in the room. The bridesmaids will be uncomfortable and tacky and, of course, a beautiful wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. As long as these priorities go well, the wedding will be perfect. Well, it is also important for the groom to show up. It is a marriage after all.

Every bride worth her designer dress knows that her wedding cake must be spectacular and fit her theme and color scheme. No matter how great the food is at the wedding if the cake is a flop, everyone leaves talking about how bad the cake is. Sometimes the bride chooses a cake that is so intricate that it might take a week to complete. Can you say stale cake? Making sure that you have a beautiful wedding cake that also tastes great takes planning and a great bakery.

First as soon as the date is set, the bride should start planning her theme and color scheme. After these decisions, she needs to find a baker and confirm the date. Most good wedding cake bakers only schedule a few wedding cakes at a time because they are so time intensive. The first step is to visit the bakeries in town and perhaps sample some of their pastries. You can learn a lot about a baker from simply eating a few cookies or a cupcake. Most of the time the bakeries will have sample cakes decorating the store. If you have a particular point of view, you can tell whether or not the bakery fits your sense of style. If you visit a traditional bakery and want a very modern cake, you probably want to keep looking.

Once you find a few bakeries to choose from ask for an appointment for tasting. Most bakeries offer several cake flavors and fillings. There are several frosting selections also. At a tasting, you can expect to eat lots of cake. Yummy! If you choose a large cake, you might even want to choose a different cake flavor and filling for each layer. The frosting must stay the same. Frankly, this is one of the few parts of the wedding planning process that the groom will want to help you with if he likes cake. What’s not to like? Don’t make the mistake of taking too many people with you. You should take your parents, if they are paying, the fiance, and a wedding planner if you have one.

During the tasting, the baker will have a book of cakes that she has baked in the past. If you don’t come with pictures or ideas about the cake you want, the book is a great way to get ideas. If you don’t see anything you love, tell the baker about your wedding theme and your colors. You can also relate the overall picture you want your cake to portray.

The cake decorations are as varied as there are brides planning weddings. A bride may choose real flowers which add vibrancy and a natural beauty to the cake. The flowers should match the flowers used to decorate the reception room. Another idea is to decorate the cake with delicate lace work and flowers actually made by the baker. This type of work takes time and pushes up the price of the cake.

A beautiful wedding cake is every bride’s dream. She wants everyone to walk into her reception hall and gasp at the sight of her cake. The picture of the bride and groom enjoying the cake is always one of the best pictures of the night. With a little work and planning every bride can have a beautiful wedding cake.


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