Fashionable Short Haircut And Platinum Hair Color Ideas For Women10
Fashionable Short Haircut And Platinum Hair Color Ideas For Women10

30+ Fashionable Short Haircut And Platinum Hair Color Ideas For Women

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You have the perfect wardrobe, accessories and shoes… but something is missing. There is one thing left to do that will complete your look… your style.

Take your style to the next level with a fun and funky hairstyle. There are endless options to choose from. We’ll take a look at some of the most fun and outrageous hairstyle trends right now.

Go Asymmetrical

Taking a cue from the 80’s punk and new wave scenes, asymmetrical cuts are in right now. These styles look the best in medium to short lengths. They can feature smooth, sharp asymmetrical lines or a more tousled and shaggy look.

These cuts start shorter in the back and lengthen to frame the face. Like a 20’s pageboy cut on steroids.Pixie cuts also look great cut in an asymmetrical style with long side bangs.These short cuts look great on girls with round, long or oval faces.

Go Natural Bohemian

Another popular look right now are casual long tresses in the gypsy or bohemian tradition. Curls are left long and loose, braids and knots are a bit messy. This look can be accentuated with a colorful scarf or a string of beads.Wrap a scarf loosely around a low chignon or braid. Wind a string of glass beads around a simple bun.

Hair should be left to air dry, scrunch gently to encourage natural curls.Girls with long faces should generally avoid long hairstyles, however, it can work with layers cut into long hair. Curly or wavy hair looks better on a long face than straight hair does.

Go Punky

The punky look is just as popular as ever. A punk hairstyle is a great way to cop a little attitude and look great!In right now are ultra-short punk styles. Based on the pixie cut, hair should be cut close or shaved around the back and sides. The top should be longer and cut at angles.Bangs should hang to the side. To finish off the look, tease the hair with some mousse or gel.

Go Super Short

Anne Hathaway paved the way with a super short cut for her role as Fantine in “Les Miserables”. Done right, really short hair can look incredibly feminine. It’s also great for summer and requires very little care.So if you have been thinking of donating your tresses to “Locks of Love” now might be the perfect time to go for it.The super-short pixie style looks best on square, oval, round and heart shaped faces.

Just Add Color

Lastly, all the cuts mentioned in this article would look great with a splash of color. Color choices abound from natural to outrageous. From electric blue to chestnut and everything in-between. There is a color out there for everyone.

It is easy to overdo it though. Adding a streak or two of color can really bring out the full potential of a haircut.Katy Perry is known for her colorful do’s. She often accents her dark hair with a streak of blue. Light or bright colors look good in dark hair.Blonde or platinum hair looks good with strong colors like red or purple.


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