Stylish Formal Men Work Outfit Ideas44
Stylish Formal Men Work Outfit Ideas44

30+ Stylish Formal Men Work Outfit Ideas

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When you’re starting your first office job make sure your wardrobe has the essential clothing in it that would be acceptable by your peers at work.

Every employed person’s closet should consist of dress shoes. Leather dress shoes are classic and last for years. Black is essential, but brown too would do. Lace-up shoes are ideal for business, but slip-on loafers are fine too. Whatever you choose, maintain the polish and cleanliness.

Business shirts with long-sleeves and collars. If you work at a job that requires a button up shirt have at least 5 of them to last throughout the week. You can choose almost any color or design, and blue looks very nice with dark gray and black suits.

Neckties. Match the tie to the colors and designs of your shirts. You can change your whole look just by wearing different ties. A good tie has some of the shirt color in it, but not too obviously. Get someone to help you if you aren’t confident with your ability to work with different colors.

Formal occasion pants. Each individual should have a minimum of three sets of flat-front trousers in flexible shades. Classic slacks include black, grey, or pinstripe varieties. Do away with gathers as they are archaic and make you look fatter than you are.

Even the most casual work environment probably requires a business suit at times. It is worth spending money on purchase of suits of various colors, such as tan, and dark blue, and on pinstriped styles, if you have to frequently wear suits on your job.

Non-dressy shirts. The outfit you put together for casual Friday should still be professional and clean. For this look, a good choice is to wear a pair of slacks or dark jeans with a pair of polo shirt.

Shirts made out of knit material. On occasions when you won’t be wearing a suit jacket, a few knit shirts or sweaters will go well over your collared shirt. Ensure that they are light enough to be manageable, but still fit over your shirts.

A quality jacket. This is essential in colder areas and for individuals who travel with their clients and colleagues. Ties should always be chosen with the colors and patterns of your dress shirts in mind.

Accessories/Additional items. You must have a leather portfolio for your papers and it should be able to carry a laptop as well. Your decision will be proportional to your requirements here. Choose between a leather portfolio or a leather laptop bag. Briefcases are outdated – they are still around but they may not fit into the style of your office. You will also want a professional-looking watch and at least five pairs of standard black socks to match your shoes. A classy black leather belt is a must, too.

Although your wardrobe already contains appropriate clothing, most men working in an office will find that this list of classic apparel will fit in nicely. You can change this to reflect the formal or informal nature of your office. Watching your colleagues’ attire can help you determine what would be appropriate for your office.


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