Splendid Abstract Nail Art Ideas 13
Splendid Abstract Nail Art Ideas 13

35 Splendid Abstract Nail Art Ideas

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Fashion trends are continuously growing through a lot of art forms. One popular fashion craze nowadays is the nail art. The majority of women are into decorating their nails with numerous designs stretching from the simplest to the more intricate patterns. In nail art, the nails serve as small canvas. However, the size of the canvas does not limit the possible designs to be done.

Freehand painting

One procedure is through freehand painting. However, the correct procedure and proper care must be taken into consideration. Nicely trimmed nails are a must before starting the painting. First thing to do is to apply the base coat, and then apply two coating of the chosen color. Then, the painting proper can be done. Let it dry and then apply transparent coating for protection. Designs can vary from floral, abstract or geometric patterns. It is important to let your creativity be one with the brush to create more beautiful art.

Professional Nail Art

When you don’t have time to do the nail art, then you can go to the nearest salon to do the job for you. Professional nailist can produce better outcomes, since they have the right devices and perform proper techniques. Also, they have undergone trainings to perfect their expertise.

Frills and Accessories

Besides the paint, you can also use several materials for your art. Decorative gems, flowers, foils and other accessories are available for you to utilize. Again, creativity is important along with accuracy and precision. All you have to do is to apply an amount of nail art sealer and use a manicure stick or tweezer to pick your desired item. Place it on the nail and let it dry. You can also use stickers, designs shaped like the nails. Simply press the stickers on the nails to get an instant nail art.


Originated in Japan, nail art has gained its reputation and popularity all over the world. A lot of techniques and designs are now available in the market. Professional nailists are continuously growing in number in various salons. Workshops, contests and exhibits are being generated in many countries and states in order to promote and advertise this art form.


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