Lovely Gingham Dresses You Must Have This Summer Ideas 37
Lovely Gingham Dresses You Must Have This Summer Ideas 37

37 Lovely Gingham Dresses You Must Have This Summer Ideas

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Everyone fondly remembers the Wizard of Oz from their childhood. Whether you loved the Cowardly Lion for his bashfulness, the Tin Man for his search for a heart or Dorothy for her love for her family and wish to get home, this is one movie that holds fond memories for most everyone. If you are attending a Halloween event as a family or group of friends, Wizard of Oz costumes make the perfect group theme.

The Wide Variety of Costumes

The best thing about dressing up in the Wizard of Oz theme is the wide variety of choices there are for everyone in your group. From small children to adults, either male or female, anyone can choose their favorite character from this movie for Halloween.

Dorothy – She is of course the main focus of the movie and many people will want to dress up as her. The person that dresses as Dorothy will find costumes with blue gingham dresses and sweet hair bows. To complete the Dorothy costume you will find red sequined shoes and of course Toto in a basket! This costume is available in both child and adult. For the adult version, women can choose between dressing as the sweet, innocent Dorothy or a slightly sexy Dorothy for a twist on an old favorite.

Wicked Witch – No Wizard of Oz group is complete without a Wicked Witch costume to stir things up! The Wicked Witch is a fun way to dress up, portraying the witch that really gets the crew going while depicting a true Halloween character. If you are going to be the Wicked Witch as an adult, you will need a pointy hat, long black dress and of course green makeup to cover your hands and face to give you that truly evil look. If you have a child that wants to be the cutest Wicked Witch that walked the Yellow Brick Road there is an adorable Toddler Wicked Witch costume as well.

Cowardly Lion – The best thing about dressing up in a Cowardly Lion costume is that anyone can do it – adults and kids, both male and female! There are standard lion costumes for men and kids to dress up in that look just like the lion in the movie, but if you want to mix things up a bit, there is a sweet yet sexy female version that comes in a shorter dress complete with a tail and ears, giving you the Cowardly Lion a whole new meaning.

Tin Man – The Tin Man is such a loveable character in the Wizard of Oz – trying so hard to find his heart. Anyone can dress up as this loveable character. The Tin Man costume is also available for men, women and children. For men and children the costume is a completely silver body suit complete with the silver funnel hat. If you wish to make your face and hands as silver as the costume, you can add silver makeup to your skin to complete the costume. To kick things up a bit, a female can dress up as the Tin Man in a sassy costume that includes a short, flirty dress boot covers and tin hat.

Scarecrow – The Scarecrow is an incredibly fun character to be because you can be just as goofy and dopey as you want to be – just say you lost your brain! The scarecrow is easy to dress up as with simple clothes, straw and rope to tie it all together. There are a variety of ready made costumes available for men, women and children – each with its own unique personality and look, making it easy to customize your costume to fit the theme of your group this Halloween.

Dressing up as a group in Wizard of Oz costumes is a great way to have fun this Halloween. Adults and children can all join in on the fun of the Yellow Brick Road with a wide variety of costumes to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.


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