Charming Christmas Party Outfits Ideas To Copy 29
Charming Christmas Party Outfits Ideas To Copy 29

39 Charming Christmas Party Outfits Ideas To Copy

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With this year Christmas gone, it seems that the Santa and elf costumes should wait in the closet till next year. But this does not have to be true: if you get rid of the jingle bells accessories, of season stockings or hats, you can use the outfits for completely different purposes, red or green velvet dresses or suits looking pretty enough for impersonating fairy tale or cartoon characters, if you plan a hen party on such a theme. All you need is let your imagination and creativity use them specifically.

For example, the bride to be would make a gorgeous Snow-White in a red velvet dress hemmed with white fake fur on the neckline, and any of you would make a good-looking Prince Charming in a green velvet outfit accessorized with green and white stockings. In addition, they could have as their guests all the helpful forest animals, costumes of bumble bees, lady birds and rabbits (bunny ears and tails would be sufficient!) being quite available. In this way, by combining hen party outfits and hen party accessories, you could have a memorable hen night in the form of a fairytale wedding party as a ‘rehearsal’ of the real one to come.

If you and your girlfriends are clubbers and would prefer as such an original dancing and drinking hen night, half of you could be dancers, while the other half sexy waitresses. Not that the dancers couldn’t be as sexy! You could dress in stiff black tutus (the future bride could have a white one) and black sheer tights to feel comfortable when dancing, looking at the same time hot and classy.

If you prefer the punk over the classical, the waitresses may dress in tight leather skirts accessorized with chains and neon pink or orange wigs, while you, the dancers, can go for black Gothic tutus of spider web lace and fishnet tights, completing the frightening note with raven-haired wigs, long false lashes and black nail varnishes. The bride-to-be may wear a devil lady costume and a scary one to boot. Or, if your naughtiness goes a step further, she may impersonate Miss Havisham from ‘Great Expectations’, the forlorn old maid, whose bridegroom never came, wearing some white lace wedding gown and veil in tatters and plenty of make-up for a haggard look. Of course, if she’s not superstitious…

If, on the contrary, you would add a touch of snobbishness rather than of Halloween fantasy to your hen party, you may as well have all your beloved actors and actresses at your hen wedding party, just by switching the accent from outfits onto masks. By uploading their pictures, you may have all their masks made, especially if you don’t take no for an answer. In this way, they will be sure to come.


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