Amazing Street Style Guide To Summer Work Style Ideas 34
Amazing Street Style Guide To Summer Work Style Ideas 34

34 Amazing Street Style Guide To Summer Work Style Ideas

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Summer is finally in sight! Are you in the mood to freshen up your home’s decorating as we head into the warm season? Good, because there are a lot of quick and easy ways to do just that!

– Paint your front door inside and out with an accent color that you currently use in your living/dining room area. Make it medium to deep in tone so it really becomes a focal point coming and going!

– Add some silk flowers by the stem to your live or silk plants to add a punch of color. This works well for live plants that aren’t in bloom. Just add some live plants in general. I find if I mix in a few live plants with good quality silk ones, people thing everything is real! A good way to do this is to use live plants wherever people will see them up close (i.e. entry, coffee table) or where they will spend a lot of time. For parties, you can make quick a centerpiece by taking a silk (or live plant) and inserting fresh flowers into it. Use the floral test tubes with water in them for the silk plants.

– Replace winter drapery fabric with colored, patterned, sheer drop panels. The sheer look in colors and those with various patterns stitched on them are very much in style now. They work best in bedrooms or rooms decorated in a soft, informal style. You can find them ready-made or make them yourself with iron-on tape (available in any fabric store) to hem the panel’s top and bottom. Then attach clip rings (available in any drapery hardware department) and string the rings on your rod. Voila! Instant window treatment!

– Take large squares of summer patterned/textured fabric (same colors already used in the room) and wrap each of your sofa and/or chair seat cushions with them. Place the cushion diagonally on the square fabric and pull each corner to the underside. Secure with duct tape or several large safety pins. Your husband will think you bought a new couch! (Don’t laugh…I’ve had it happen!)

– Clean out the fireplace so you can use the candelabras for a glow during summer evenings without the heat of an actual fire. Pair up a flowering plant on the hearth to one side to complete your summery season look. (Oh, one more thing: do put away your fireplace set and wood carriers for summer!)

– Don’t forget to decorate the outside areas of your home when thinking seasonal changes. Put something floral around your front entrance… potted live plants, a silk wreath on the door, a decorative piece of outdoor furniture you decorate with colorful container pots, even a decorative sign that says “Welcome to the beach”. (You can do this even if you live inland but have sense of humor.)

– Think about adding fountain to your back outdoor area. If you have compact quarters, add the table size model. More space? Then try a full-sized fountain… self-standing or wall mounted.

– Be sure to use some large plants to decorate with, too. If everything is too small, it’ll look cluttered. It’s just like using accessories inside: think small, medium and large groupings.


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