Stylish Silk Satin Nightgown Sleeveless To Summer Ideas 40
Stylish Silk Satin Nightgown Sleeveless To Summer Ideas 40

40 Stylish Silk Satin Nightgown Sleeveless To Summer Ideas

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There are many different types of nightwear available and despite this many people – up to a third of people in a survey sleep in nothing or in just their underwear.

For babies there’s a new type of sleep outfit called a gro-bag. These consist of a bagged area for the legs but with the top half like a normal baby grow. This enables babies to keep warmer at night but still having free movement of their legs. Often babies wake themselves up if they kick off blankets as they are unable to cover themselves up.

For adults there’s a huge choice of nightwear available from skimpy outfits to cosy warm fleecy pajama sets.

Pajamas are like a loose fitting trouser and shirt set. They’re available for everyone – and usually have buttons on the shirt and either an elasticated waist on the trousers or occasionally a button fixing. They are made from a wide range of materials including cotton, silk, satin or man made fibres. They are warm and comfortable to wear.

There are several items that are all quite similar

The baby doll is a sleeveless nightgown that is normally short and flared at the bottom.
A chemise is a tighter version of this – more straight sided.
The Negligee is a longer version often made from sheer fabric trimmed with lace.
A Peignoir is a long sheer item of clothing often in a set with a light matching dressing gown style coat.

Nightgowns and nightshirts are very similar being large loose fitting shirt styles often very long though. Often made from cotton but many other materials are used also.

A nightcap is rarely worn these days but is a cloth cap.


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