Classic Wedding Updos Ideas For Your Special Day 44
Classic Wedding Updos Ideas For Your Special Day 44

45 Classic Wedding Updos Ideas For Your Special Day

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Many other cultures have developed traditions regarding a bride to be and her hair. For example in China it is customary for a married women to do the bride’s hair. Since she is experienced with being married and seen as a successful wife she can help ease the nervous bride. Traditionally she will also speak of the good fortune of the bride and abut the future of the couple.

In the United States and Western cultures we do not have these deeper traditions but many recognize the importance of a great hairdo. Often women spend a great deal of time planning a wedding, picking the perfect dress and labor over the makeup the day of the wedding. It makes sense then to spend just as much time on the hairstyle that will be worn. By following the steps below and planning ahead you can ensure that the wedding hairstyle will be the perfect final touch to a beautiful bride.

Step 1 Find a Hairdresser

Several months before the wedding it is important to pick out a hairdresser that you can build a relationship with. You want this to be someone that you can trust and have built a rapport with. Ask to see samples of hairstyles they have done and even go for a cut early on to see how they work. This will help you find the right person for you.

Step 2 Set up a Consultation Appointment

Often hairstylists will do a consultation appointment with you where you can meet them one on one and discuss hairstyle ideas for your wedding day. You will want to talk about the shape of your face, the wedding gown you will be wearing and possible styles that you are thinking about. The hairdresser can help you in picking styles that will flatter your features and work well with your wedding dress. For example with long hair an updo can work very well and give a very classic look. Or if you want to wear your hair down and lose it can give a more romantic feeling. Discuss these options with a trained hairstylist and see what they think would be best. They see tons of people’s hair day in and day out and have a professionally trained eye and often can spot things that you might not even think of.

Step 3 Practice Session

A week or two before the big day set up a practice session. During this time you can go in to the hairstylist and have them actually style your hair like they will for the wedding day. This will give you a chance to feel and look at the style in reality and see what you think. Spend some time with your hair in this style and see if it is comfortable. It is also important for you to get comfortable with the style beforehand so you can wear it like it is just part of your normal style and elegance. Also walk around the salon and see if it feels comfortable and if anything comes lose. You don’t want to be struggling and fighting with your hair on your big day so make sure it works for you and make adjustments to the plan as needed.

You also might want to wear a dress with a similar neckline and shape as your wedding dress. Traditionally it is a bad omen to wear a wedding dress before the big day but find something that is similar. This will help you in establishing if you like the style or not.

Step 4 The Big Day

It is important to go in as relaxed as possible. It at all possible it can be very nice to get a full body message the day or night before the wedding so that you are as relaxed as possible. Make your appoint hours before so that you will not be rushed or feel panicked.

By following these 4 easy steps and planning ahead your hairstyle should be as comfortable to you as something you wear everyday. You want your hairstyle to feel like that old pair of comfortable sweatpants or pajamas yet something that looks like a million bucks. By practicing before hand and consulting with a trained and professional hairstylist you can ensure that you will feel comfortable and clam on the big day. Well, maybe not but at least you won’t have to worry about your hair on top of everything else.


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