Smart Fall Fashion Ideas For Men Over S 39
Smart Fall Fashion Ideas For Men Over S 39

39 Smart Fall Fashion Ideas For Men Over S

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There’s no getting around it and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The Fall season is here and the cooler temperatures prove it. All of the leaves are changing colors, and so is our choices of clothes we wear to keep warm. The Fall season means spending our spare time with refilling and renewing our closets with hip sweaters, trendy long sleeve shirts, and warm jackets.

If you’re like me, then you’re bored with all of the clothes you wore last fall and winter. It’s time to go shopping to spruce up that wardrobe with some of this fall’s trendiest accessory items. This season it’s all about showing off your sophistication. The idea is to classy up that going on ensemble you’re sporting with a strategically chosen man bag or pair of glasses. You want a look that screams style without being stuffy and too formal. Here is how you can begin that closet transformation.

  • A wool or cashmere scarf – How can you not like a nice warm sweater made from Merino wool? It’s so soft and feels great wrapped around your neck. Most of the cheaper made scarves use lower grade wool that is rough on your skin and in turn isn’t comfortable. If you have the money for one, buy a cashmere scarf.
  • Streamlined glasses – Despite what you may have heard, glasses are still in. There is just something about the image of a well-read man that women find very attractive. It’s the look of sophistication and this smart look has it all.
  • A well-made bag – There are plenty of masculine bags available this fall for you to carry items in such as laptops. The typical bag made for a man is larger than a purse, smaller than a normal suitcase. The idea is for men to enjoy style combined with functionality. Fall designs tend to lean toward the masculine side, so find one in a rugged color found in nature. Another benefit of a man bag is now guys have a place to keep all their stuff without big, bulgy pants pockets
  • Leather gloves – The fall brings out all the pretty colors on the trees, but it also brings cold weather. A nice pair of leather gloves is just the thing to keep your hands warm in the cold weather as you go shopping for a Halloween pumpkin. Cashmere lined leather gloves keep your hands warm and they are super stylish. As a matter of fact, they are so stylish that they can be worn with just about everything.
  • A stylish umbrella – The Spring is famous for is April showers, but the Fall has its fair share of rainy days. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a cool, rainy fall day wet because you forgot your umbrella. A true gentleman doesn’t get wet in the rain, and so a stylish umbrella is a necessary. Compact ones are the best sellers over the past few years just because of convenience but many designers make some stylish ones for those of us who prefer looks to functionality. Always buy more than one too. This way you can always have one at the house and in the office.


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