Captivating Men Outfits Ideas With Jogger Pants 40
Captivating Men Outfits Ideas With Jogger Pants 40

46 Captivating Men Outfits Ideas With Jogger Pants

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The year is fast blooming and new fashions are emerging quickly from all the major designer brands. The following advice will help you make the best out of your designer men’s clothes purchases this year.

Fashion Trends.

The spring and summer fashion trends are sporting plenty of vibrancy this year, and in true male style, blue seems to be the front runner. Vibrancy is even making its way into suits, and while your navy suit will always be there for you, you might want to consider a pastel blue suit, and all of the major designer men’s clothes labels are offering a blue variant. For casual wear, make sure that you mix complimentary hues of blue, since this really makes an impact.

In keeping with brightness and boldness, prints are emerging as a dominant trend, with all major designers sporting outrageous print patterns in an array of bewildering colors. Printed shirts are the focus of this trend, and if you want to join the party, then do not hide them away under a crew or v-neck – wear them with pride.


There is still the same flexibility with pants as ever, and the tendency to stick with muted colors is still the best route to take. Cotton, linen or wool trousers, when properly suited, look fantastic as a smart/casual look, and so do not be afraid to branch out. Deciding between slim fit, rib insert joggers, regular fit, straight fit, or drainpipe is a matter of preference. If you are caught by the color bug, then light blue or light yellow is your best option and are always a mainstay in the ranges of designer men’s clothes.


The first rule of belt wearing is never to need one, or in other words, not having your pants fall down when you take it off. The belt should only be there for the aesthetic appeal. The second rule is to never wear a belt with a suit – this is a common mistake that men make. For formal belts, the current consensus is to match the leather color of the shoe and the belt, so if you are wearing brown shoes, then wear a brown belt. Avoid overblown novelty belt buckles, and do not be afraid to splash out, because you get what you pay for and spending that little extra makes all the difference in the quality. For informal belts, anything goes, and it is more down to your personal style and image.


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