Awesome Dresses Ideas For Party That Trendy Now 37
Awesome Dresses Ideas For Party That Trendy Now 37

37 Awesome Dresses Ideas For Party That Trendy Now

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If you’re thinking of throwing a party, why not make it a theme party? Give your guests a night they will never forget and a chance to dress up in interesting costumes.

Take a look at the following 5 ideas for a theme party to give you some ideas and inspiration:

1. Casino Party – This theme is very popular with offices. The most important thing is that you decide early on if you will be playing with real money or not. I suggest that you charge your guests a certain amount for chips and the guest who has the most chips wins the pot. This way nobody loses more money than anybody else!

2. Masquerade Party – You need to dress up in flamboyant costumes. I suggest you have a contest for the best outfit! Make sure you wear a face mask to conceal your identity; this after all is the essence of this party theme.

3. Pool Party – Send out your invitations on cut out goggles or sea shells. Or you could peel the label off a bottle of water, fill it with sand and place your invite inside to create a message in a bottle effect. Get your guests in the mood with an interesting invitation no matter what theme you go for.

4. Hollywood Party – A Hollywood Party is a challenging one to throw but your guests will never forget it. You will already have many of the props you need to make it a success such as film magazines, glitter, stacks of DVDs etc. Line your entrance with a red carpet and greet them with a professional photographer and a fancy back drop.

5. Arabian Nights Party – You could hold it on the beach to create the Arabian desert. Try to create an aura of mystique and intrigue surrounding kings and queens, princes and princesses. These will be the main costumes your guests will be wearing.


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