Amazing Knee Length Skirt Ideas For Work To You 26
Amazing Knee Length Skirt Ideas For Work To You 26

38 Amazing Knee Length Skirt Ideas For Work To You

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Putting together a mother of the bride look can be a breeze when you are equipped with all of the tools and information that you need. Here are a few simple tips for creating the perfect outfit for this incredible day.

Pay Attention to Color and Shape

If you’re going to wear a show-stopping dress, then you have the get down to the design basics of color and shape. When browsing through available gowns, look for a color that will bring out your best features. This could be an electrifying blue that makes your eyes pop, or a sultry red that brings out the russet tones in your hair. Be sure to avoid colors that clash and won’t do you any favors.

Many fair-skinned women avoid faded tones that tend to make them look even lighter than they are, while redheads know to think twice about choosing a deep violet that competes with their hair for attention. Another important detail when shopping for a mother of the bride dress is shape. If the cut isn’t right, then the dress won’t work no matter what you do.

Seek out designs that are flattering for your body type, and you’ll hit a home run every time. One great example is the Sleeveless V-neck Gown with Full Sweep Skirt. The deep V-neckline will elongate your appearance, giving off the illusion of height while the high waist with ruching draws attention to your upper half. The soft material flows down and away from the body, hiding troublesome areas. Know how to fit your figure, and you’ll be that much closer to finding your perfect gown.

Don’t Cover Too Much-or Too Little

When asked about the impression they would want to give off at a daughter’s wedding, many women respond: confident, respectful, charming and sexy. Part of achieving this perfect combination is showing just the right amount of skin that you’re comfortable with.

A great look that is neither too modest nor too risqué is the Tiered Chiffon Dress with Flutter Sleeves and Rhinestone Brooch. The at-knee length, flutter sleeves and V-neckline will show off some of your figure without revealing too much. Have you found the dress that is “the one,” but are worried about showing more of your figure than you’d like? Cover up with an elegant bolero jacket with three-quarter sleeves, or a flowing wrap. If that’s not an easy fix, then remember you can always visit your local tailor and transform your pretty new gown into a spectacular one.

Listen to Your Inner Fashionista

Remain true to your inner sense of fashion and you’ll wind up with a stunning gown you can be proud of. Go over the design details that truly delight you, and keep an eye out for those features when shopping. You can find some of the season’s hottest trends in styles like the Stretch Shimmer Tiered Dress with Portrait Collar. A tiered skirt is slimming and ultra chic, while a portrait collar serves as an elegant frame. The black sash creates a dramatic look and also emphasizes the waist for a form-flattering effect. Whether you prefer ruching, pleating, sparkly accents or 3-D floral shapes, you’ll come across the right gown that screams your style by using a critical eye and an open mind.

Consider Your Surroundings

Many factors come together in the surroundings of a wedding that guests should take into consideration when selecting an outfit. First of all, what is the theme of your daughter’s wedding? If it’s a formal event, then a skimpy little party dress may stick out like a sore thumb. Where will the wedding take place? You would be remiss in only wearing a short, sleeveless tank dress for an outdoor wedding; a dress jacket or wrap could help keep away the chills. What will other family members and the bridal party wear? That can be an important clue in what the tone will be for the big day. By reviewing several aspects of the setting and idea behind the wedding, you’ll be better prepared to create your mother of the bride ensemble.

Top it off with Accessories!

If you begin forming a picture in your mind of how you would like the entire outfit to be, then the rest just falls into place. Fabulous accessories will help complete your mother of the bride look and tie everything together. A design like the Shantung Short Bolero Jacket Dress would look amazing when paired with chic wedge heels, dangle earrings and an exquisite silver bracelet. It’s all of these little items that will make a big statement and help bring your attire to the next level.


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