Pretty Fashion Outfit Ideas For Women To Try Now 27
Pretty Fashion Outfit Ideas For Women To Try Now 27

36 Pretty Fashion Outfit Ideas For Women To Try Now

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We all love to feel good with ourselves. Summer is here and its important to dress for the weather.

It is paramount that we feel comfortable but look great with personal style. Why not have a read through just three of the styling personalities that we have highlighted below.

Follow the Sex and the City girls with city chic styling.

These girls always look immaculate and accessorize to the max. The designer bag, immaculate hair and nails, all in line with the current catwalk fashion. This season lower heels are all the rage.

If your typical look is timeless and formal then you may have some elegant outfits in your wardrobe already. Compliment your existing timeless pieces with a shift dress. If you have researched colors or had your color analysis done then find an amazing color that suits you and makes you feel great.

If you are a more natural lady then you most likely feel best in simple and comfortable clothes. This does not mean you cannot look stylish.

If you wear comfy pumps then why not find a pretty ballet shoe. The high street has so much choice right now with the warm sunny days. Another idea is to buy some comfortable sandals and paint your toe nails a complimentary color.

If you tend to wear natural colors such as beige and brown neutral tones its easy to jazz up your style with some brightly colored glass beads.

Once you have a few new additions to the wardrobe and maybe some new accessories and shoes, its time to ensure that our skin is looking good.

Pay extra attention to your skin in the warm weather. Ensure that regular exfoliation and moisturizing is part of your skincare routing.

If you have applied the same colors and types of make up for years then why not visit a makeover expert or visit your local cosmetics counter at the department stores. A new makeup regime can make all the difference and take a good few years of the age that you look.

Finally a new hair do can completely change your appearance. Lighter shades as you get older tend to keep us looking younger. However it is not always the case. Try a new stylist and ask for their opinion.

Enjoy your summer styling, and remember its all about you feeling fabulous that counts. Remember you do not need spend a fortune. Simply a few treats can compliment your styling.


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