Modern Gowns Ideas For A Valentines Day Wedding 31
Modern Gowns Ideas For A Valentines Day Wedding 31

32 Modern Gowns Ideas For A Valentines Day Wedding

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The wedding lasts only for a day, the honeymoon for a week or more, and the memories for the rest of a wedded couple’s life. However, no one can remember everything at all points of time. Disputes do happen when the romance tends to weaken. However, memories of the steadfast affection that the newly wedded couple shared often act as their binding force. These memories are eternal, yet at times ephemeral.

A memento is often required to stir and nudge couples midway in their family life into recognizing the old love within themselves again. One of these invaluable mementos is the wedding gown. Every bride must be careful to preserve this, and in order to be able to do that, she must know how to preserve the wedding gown.

Wedding gowns are delicate garments. The lace and silk can wear away with the passage of the years unless care is taken to preserve them. Preserving a wedding gown is complicated, but if precautions are taken along with all the due care, trying to preserve the wedding gown turns out to be a less painstaking process than it initially, seems.

Since wedding gowns are ideally worn only once, it is advisable to have a wedding gown cleaned immediately after the wedding is over in all respects. Dry cleaning is a must in this respect. It is actually slightly more complex than it appears, since not every dry cleaner specializes in cleaning wedding gowns.

Certain parts of the wedding gown are quite delicately attached. At times, ornaments are glued onto the fabric. These parts can be lost during the cleaning process unless the cleaner is duly alerted. In order to preserve the wedding gown properly, this is a step to be remembered.

Makeup and lipstick often tend to smudge onto the wedding gown both on the outside and on the inside. The cleaner should be asked to check for such stains on both surfaces and to remove them.

Wedding gowns are made of delicate materials. To preserve the wedding gown without destroying their color and luster involves a few precautions regarding the storage as well.

The best idea is to store the gown in the bag in which it first came. Otherwise, acid-free materials should be used while packaging the gown. Also, transparent cases are to be avoided, since light often tends to discolor the material.


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